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TBCC Nelson Regatta 20-22 Jan 2019

posted 22 Jan 2019, 21:17 by Geoff Head   [ updated 2 Feb 2019, 18:52 ]
Crew: Geoff, Tunch, Eduardo, Pien.

The Nelson Regatta planned program was:

Day 1 - Sunday 20 Jan - Tasman Bay Coastal race
Day 2 - Monday 21 Jan - Nelson to Torrent Bay race
Day 3 - Tuesday 22 Jan - Torrent Bay to Tonga Island race, Tonga Island to Nelson race


Unfortunately we woke to high winds in the Nelson area and at the briefing in the morning it was announced that all racing for that day was cancelled. Halo crew spent the afternoon walking round the coastline to Tahunanui Beach and had a pleasant swim in the sea.

By the time we got back to the marina the wind had dropped somewhat so we decided to take Halo our for a practice sail. We cast off from the marina at 1640 hrs with the No. 3 Jib and Mainsail rigged. Crew positions were allocated as: Geoff on helm, Tunch on bow, Eduardo on starboard trimmer and keys, and Pien on port trimmer and keys. The mainsheet to be handled by Eduardo or Pien depending on which tack we're on.

Once we sailed out into the inner harbour we found it was colder and windier than expected. Jackets went on as well as a reef in the Mainsail. We headed out through The Cut. Once out of the harbour we found the seas and wind were too much to be enjoyable so turned back into the inner harbour and sailed northwards in challenging conditions with wind 30-40 knots. We soon made our way back home arriving at our berth at 1900 hrs. We all agreed though, that it was good to get out and have a warm-up for the big race tomorrow.



We woke to a lovely morning and what appeared to be perfect conditions for our big race to Torrent Bay - sunny with 15 kts southerly breezes. Exciting!

After a hearty breakfast was attended the race briefing. Sorted out all the course coordinates on the OpenCPN and cast off from the marina berth at 0915 hrs with the No. 1 Genoa and Mainsail rigged.

We motor-sailed out to the start line which was 2.5 miles out from the coast. The start time for the 12 boats in the Cruising Division was delayed to 1015 hrs. We had great start with only about 4 boats ahead of us as we sailed tight-hauled in the direction of Abel Tasman National Park. We started feeling some good sized gusts coming through but didn't think too much of it initially. Pien was doing a good job on mainsheet to manage them. The wind however kept on increasing up to 25 gusting 30 kts and getting harder to manage. We put a reef in the mainsail and heard the announcement from the Race Officer on Ch. 77 that the race had been cancelled and that all boats must return to their berths at the marina.

We dropped the Genoa and turned round at 1050 hrs back towards Nelson. The wind kept on increasing to 45 kts true and we put a second reef in the mainsail to be safe. Even with 2 reefs and no Genoa we were still sailing at up to 8 kts. Exciting stuff.

We eventually arrived back in the berth at 1155 hrs safe and sound.

That night we had a party on Halo with some crew from other boats including David and Wendy from Sirrah and Jim came down too. Geoff got the ukulele out and we had lots of fun and singing!


Unfortunately the high winds continued through the night into the next day and the Race Officer announced that all racing was cancelled and that was the end of the regatta. First time in 10 years that all three days of the regatta have been cancelled.

At least Halo won a Spot Prize the next morning at the 'prize-giving' ceremony!

The next day Tunch and Pien joined Gucci to sail back to Wellington. Geoff stayed on in Nelson another day to do some boat maintenance before flying back to Wellington.
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29 Jan 2019, 17:21
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29 Jan 2019, 18:28