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EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 29 June 2019

posted 30 Jun 2019, 18:07 by Geoff Head   [ updated 20 Oct 2019, 20:35 ]
Crew: Geoff, Murray, Paul, Bruce, Julie, Bradyn

Mestservice Forecast: Northerly 25 knots gusting 35 knots, easing to 20 knots this evening.Rough sea, easing this evening. Cloudy periods.

Bruce joined Geoff on Halo at Chaffers Marina and we departed the berth at 1027 hrs. As forecasted, the northerly was blowing 25 kts and the sea was rough. We fully expected the race to be cancelled but hoisted the Main with 1st Reef and motor-sailed round to Evans Bay. Maximum gusts as we came into the bay was 35 kts. We arrived at the wharf at 1106 hrs where we rafted up beside Coriander. 

At the club rooms it was confirmed that racing was on for Cruising Division only. Course was advised as "Start - Somes Is (port rounding) - Finish". The start/finish line to be from Start Box to Shoal Pile. Nine boats were signed on for the race.

Murray, Paul, Julie and Braden joined us and we rigged  up the No. 3 Jib and cast off ready to race. Positions were Geoff on helm, Murray on mainsheet, Julie on keys, Bradyn and Bruce sheet trimmers and Paul on bow.  

We started the race on port tack and beat our way up Evans Bay towards Point Halswell at good speed averaging 6.5 kts. Unfortunately we did the 4th tack a bit soon and as we neared Pt Halswell we lost wind and slowed down so had to do one more tack at the last minute to clear the point. After clearing Halswell at 1310 hrs we were able to ease the sheets a bit and race across the harbour towards the east of Somes. 

Keeping a close eye on the chartplotter we cut as close as possible to the southern and northern points of Somes Island gaining some ground on some boats which were taking a more cautious route.

We were then on a run back down the harbour. Bruce took over helm. We shook out the reef we sped along at 7 kts getting up to 8 kts at one stage. The wind was still gusting to 35 kts and up to 40 kts once. No appetite for raising the spinnaker! 

By the time we entered Evans Bay we had made good ground on our nemesis Coriander and we poled out the jib "goose-winged" but couldn't quite catch Coriander who beat us across the line at 1434 hrs by 36 seconds (24 seconds on corrected time). 

After finishing we went to start the engine and found that the start button was not responding and we couldn't start the engine. As we sailed up the bay Geoff went down below and eventually managed to wire up a temporary fix and the engine sprang to life much to everyone's relief. (The button has been intermittent for a while and we have a replacement on order from Nanni).

We then dropped off Murray, Braden, Julie and Paul at Evans Bay and Geoff and Bruce motored back to Chaffers.  A pretty hairy exciting day's sailing!

At the prize giving we learned that Halo had made 5th place for the race and that also 5th on the Winter Series so far. 

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Geoff Head,
30 Jun 2019, 18:07