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EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 27 July 2019

posted 29 Jul 2019, 22:45 by Geoff Head   [ updated 20 Oct 2019, 20:31 ]
Crew: Geoff, Lorna, Murray, Ken, Robert, Robin.  First try-out of our new No. 2 Genoa made by Brett at Linton Sails.

Metservice Forecast: Northerly rising to 15 knots late morning, then easing to 10 knots in the evening. Sea slight. Cloudy periods.

Wind was already up to 16 kts in Chaffers so we hanked up the new No. 2 and departed the dock at 1016 hrs with Lorna doing a great job on helm. The new sail went up perfectly and Geoff soon noticed an improvement in performance of the boat. We sailed round to Evans Bay and tied up at the wharf at 1120 hrs.

At the club house we signed on an got the course: "Start - Somes Is - Ward Is - Finish". Ken, Murray, Robert and Robin joined us and cast off at 1200 hrs and prepared for the race. Positions: Geoff on helm, Murray on mainsheet, Lorna on keys, Robert on bow, Ken and Robin on sheets with Ken to take helm on the downwind stretch. Wind was 16 - 20 kts. Ideal for our new No. 2.  After a few tacks back and forth we decided to do the start on a starboard tack on the east end of the line close to Shoal Pile.

The tactic went pretty much to plan and we had a good start only a few seconds late over the line at 1235 hrs with a bunch of boats on our port side (unable to tack until we did). We continued tacking up the harbour towards Somes Island.  With wind around 20-25 kts we decided to rig up the small red spinnaker for the run back down from Somes. By the time we got round the island and hoisted the kite the wind had dropped to 10-12 knots and we were underpowered with our small spinnaker. Too late to make a spinnaker change to we continued cruising down towards Ward Is at around 6.5 kts gaining slightly on boats which were using genoa/main only.

We rounded Ward Is at 1416 hrs and sailed on a close reach across to Pt. Halswell while preparing the larger spinnaker for the next run. Grenadier was able to edge past us on this section.

Once we entered Evans bay we hoisted the spinnaker and made good speed of around 7 kts in 15 kts of wind, gaining on some of the other boats ahead and passing Grenadier. At one stage we experienced the 'death roll' effect with the kite weaving back and forwards. (Need to to some research on this). We passed the finish line at 1456 hrs. After dropping the rest of the crew off at Evans Bay, Robert, Geoff and Robin motor sailed back to Chaffers docking Halo in the berth at 1550 hrs closely followed by Temptation.

At the prize giving we discovered that Halo had achieved 2nd place on corrected time and is now sitting at 2nd place in the Winter Series overall. A wonderful day's sailing and good result for team Halo!

(Alex Paterson took a few photos from land during the race which are included below. Thanks Alex!)

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Geoff Head,
29 Jul 2019, 22:45
Geoff Head,
29 Jul 2019, 22:47