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EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 10 Aug 2019

posted 11 Aug 2019, 22:07 by Geoff Head   [ updated 20 Oct 2019, 20:22 ]
Crew: Geoff, Murray, Lorna, Eduardo, Emer.

Metservice Forecast: Southeast 15 knots turning northerly 10 knots in the morning, rising to 20 knots in the afternoon rising to 25 knots gusting 35 knots this evening. Sea becoming rough this evening. Poor visibility in showers,some heavy with possible thunderstorms.

Lorna and Geoff departed Chaffers at 1015 hrs and motor-sailed with just the mainsail rigged round to Evans Bay in just a couple of knots of wind and heavy rain at times. We arrived at the wharf and rafted up alongside the big 50 foot Beneteau yacht Rogue. Emer, Murray and Eduardo joined us and we signed on for the race and got the course instructions: three loops around a marker at the north end of Evans Bay.

We cast off and did some warm-up practice sailing up and down the start line. Positions were Murray on helm, Geoff on mainsheet, Emer on bow, Eduardo and Lorna on trimming. The wind had still not picked up so we decided to go with the No. 1 Light Genoa.

The race started at 1235 hrs and on our first tack we sailed at about 2 kts towards Burnham Wharf and pretty much lost the wind. We were losing a lot of ground. We noticed that the other boats were picking up speed on the other side so we did a tack and headed back to the west. By the time we got over we had some lift but by then we were already way behind most of the fleet. Each time we went on a port tack we slowed right down again and so did a number of short tacks trying to get up the bay. It was only when we got near Pt Halswell that we were able to get boat speed up to 6 kts with the help of the wind rising up to 20 kts which was now over the limit of our light No. 1 Genoa.
We rounded the top mark at 1324 hrs and hoisted the medium spinnaker for a run down the bay while Emer and Edo took down the No. 1 and rigged up the No. 2 Genoa. We rounded the Shoal Pile light at 1341 hrs and beat our way back up the bay into about 18 kts of wind rounding the top mark at 1413 hrs. We made the conservative decision to hoist the small red spinnaker for the next run although in retrospect we should have re-used the medium kite as the wind hadn't increased as much as we anticipated.

The third run down the bay we hoisted the medium spinnaker and had a fantastic sail down the bay in 20 kts wind. Our new tweakers and Murray's steady hand on the tiller helped to the kite under control as we reached speeds of up to 8 kts!

We weren't able to catch the rest of the fleet though, and passed the finish line at 1516 hrs with only Tamerlane and KIngklip behind us.

Our result on corrected time was 8th which meant we have dropped down one place to 3rd on the overall championship. One more race to go!
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Geoff Head,
11 Aug 2019, 22:07