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EBYMBC Pet Cup - 13 April 2019 - Win for Halo!!

posted 14 Apr 2019, 17:02 by Geoff Head   [ updated 20 Oct 2019, 20:39 ]
Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Ken, Murray, Kaye. 

Forecast: Southerly 25 knots gusting 30 Knots, easing to 20 knots in the afternoon.

Eduardo and Geoff motor-sailed Halo round to Evans Bay with the Mainsail rigged with 1 Reef and tied up at the pole at 1110 hrs. Wind was as predicted, southerly 25 kts with long gusts of 30 kts.  At the clubhouse we received confirmation that the race was on (!) with 5 minute warning at 1250 hrs and the course was to be, "Start Box-Shoal Pile (flags) to Falcon Shoal #10 to Ward Island (island) to Finish. Port roundings". Ken, Murray and Kaye joined us and we cast off at 1236 hrs.

After some deliberation and seeing that there was no sign of the wind decreasing, we decided on the No. 3 Jib and keeping one reef in the Mainsail. Ken was on helm, Eduardo on bow, Geoff and Murray on mainsheet and jibsheet trimming.  There were only five boats in the race. The others presumably dropped out due to the windy conditions.

We had a perfect start. Halo was first over the line at 1255 hrs as we powered up Evans Bay running at over 7 kts in a tail wind with the jib goose-winged on the spinnaker pole. Passed Point Halswell at 1311 hrs and even though we kept a wide berth of Kau Bay our speed dropped to 5 kts. Once we cleared the shadow of Mt Crawford our speed picked up to a healthy 6.5 kts as we headed towards the Rear Lead. We then realised that we should be heading further south towards Falcon Shoal so we tightened up into the wind for a better course although this slowed us down to 4 to 5 kts until we rounded the mark at 1336 hrs.

Then on a broad reach towards Ward Island our speed was up to 6.5 to 7 kts. We noticed that Ursurper who was leading the race, was speeding off to Days Bay. He obviously wasn't aware of the course change! As we rounded Ward Island Geoff kept a close eye on the chart plotter and we were able to cut inside and overtake Grenadier.

On the broad reach back across the harbour the wind had dropped and we were thinking a larger headsail would be nice. No time to change sails though. We were averaging 6.5 kts and saw Grenadier sneak past us again. We rounded Pt Halswell at 1156 hrs and beat out way down Evans Bay into the wind in two tacks averaging 5.5 kts. We crossed the Finish at 1442 hrs with only Grenadier ahead of us on line by two minutes. A great race!

At the clubhouse the race results were announced. Halo had won the Pet Cup on corrected time! And we came third in the overall Season Champs!

EBYMBC Pet Cup 13 Apr 2019.gpx
Geoff Head,
14 Apr 2019, 17:02