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EBYMBC Holmes Cup - 30 March 2019 - Win for Halo!

posted 1 Apr 2019, 21:44 by Geoff Head   [ updated 20 Oct 2019, 20:40 ]
Crew: Geoff, Ken, Paul, Emma, Lee

Saturday : Variable 5 knots. Northerly 10 knots developing in the evening. Sea slight. Fine weather.

After running through the safety briefing with new crew member Emma we departed Chaffers at 1024 hrs motor sailing round to Evans Bay with very light breezes fully expecting the race to be cancelled due to lack of wind. After doing a bit of practice raising the sails and tacking we tied up at the Evans Bay wharf at 1123 hrs. Rafted up with Doug Young's Coriander. Paul and Ken joined us and EBYMBC confirmed that the Cruising Division race was definitely on with a course of: Start - #5 Somes Island port rounding - Finish, with 5 minute warning at 1250 hrs.

After rigging the LW Spinnaker we cast off from the wharf at 1217 hrs and with No. 1 LW Genoa and Mainsail hoisted sailed back and forth along the start line. Crew positions: Ken on helm, Paul and Emma on jib-sheets, Geoff on mainsheet and Lee on bow.  The breeze was coming up a bit to around 8 kts from the south and we noticed that the other boats were sailing with just mains ready for a quick hoist of the spinnaker on crossing the start line. We decided to follow suit and dropped the Genoa.  

We crossed the start line at 1256 on a starboard tack as we hoisted the Spinnaker.  Four or five boats were already slightly ahead of us and on the east side of the bay whereas we were on the west side. This proved to be our first lucky break. A big Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 came into land after a couple of minutes creating a massive back flow of air down the middle of the bay  causing some boats flying their kites to stall in the turbulence. We managed to just avoid it.

We continued to sail downwind in a fairly straight line towards Somes Island. Boat speed was about 5 kts as we passed Point Halswell at 1320 hrs then dropped down to 2 kts in the shadow of Mount Crawford and then up to 5 kts again as we crossed the harbour towards Somes. About half way across we heard five loud blasts from the Bluebridge ferry as it appeared to be heading directly for the number of the other boats which were behind us. We watched as some of them had to take evasive action. At the same time the Interislander was passing ahead of us but not close enough to be a worry.

We raised the Genoa and dropped Spinnaker as we turned round the No. 5 Buoy on the south-west of Somes Island at 1348 hrs and beat our way back to Evans Bay. Ken commented that he was impressed that Halo was doing almost the same speed upwind that we had been doing downwind with the kite flying.  Mainly thanks to his great helming skills! We managed to sail all the way to the finish line in only two tacks. The first at Point Jerningham and the second at the southern end of Shelly Bay. Crossed the finish line at 1449 hrs with Usurper, Airlift, Stinger and Liquid Asset beating us over the line.

We dropped off Ken and Paul at Evans Bay before sailing back home tying up at Chaffers at 1533 hrs. Just after packing up the boat Geoff received a text from Ken: HALO HAD WON!! 

Well that's a first for Halo and we all felt justifiably pleased with our achievement.

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Geoff Head,
1 Apr 2019, 21:45