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EBYMBC Winter Series Race No. 6 - 26 Aug 2017

posted 29 Aug 2017, 18:17 by Geoff Head   [ updated 22 Oct 2019, 17:03 ]
Crew: Eduardo, Paul, Murray, Geoff

Metservice Marine Forecast: "Northerly 15 knots, rising to 20 knots for a time late morning and afternoon. Fine."

Eduardo and Geoff sailed round to Evans Bay where we tied up at the dock and met up the rest of our crew, Paul and Murray, and signed on for the race. Noted down the course which seemed straight forward and relaunched Halo at 12.30. We rigged up the No. 1 HW (heavy) Genoa together with full Main. Race countdown started at 12.45 but strangely the 5 minute countdown took 6 minutes (according to our race timer). Oh well off we go!

The race started well with Murray doing a great job on helm. With head winds of around 15 knots we were in the top of the range for our No. 1 Headsail. After Midnight and Temptation quickly gained the lead with us coming 3rd as we passed Pt. Jerningham and rounded the first marker buoy in Oriental Bay and headed off across the harbour to Somes island. Some good gusts of up up 20 kts provided entertainment and required judicious management of the main sheet and helm to avoid rounding up.

As we neared Somes Island we noticed After MIdnight had continued past what we assumed was the top marker buoy and appeared to be aiming to circumnavigate the island! Geoff alerted them on ch. 77 and they quickly turned around and headed for the buoy. We past the marker buoy with Halo still in 3rd position on a beam reach at over 7 kts towards Pt. Halswell. We noticed After Midnight started flying their kite so we rigged up our small red spinnaker but after seeing them broaching a couple of times we decided to hold off deploying ours until we entered Evans Bay.

Whoa, what's that ahead? A massive ship was crossing the harbour heading straight towards us. They sounded 5 very loud blasts on their horn and we were forced to take evasive action to avoid a collision! Slowed us down a bit unfortunately.

After passing Pt. Halswell we hoisted the Spinnaker and flew the kite all the back to the committee boat Finish Line. We noticed that After Midnight and Temptation ahead of us actually didn't cross the correct finish line between the committee boat and the marker and as we passed through correctly they sounded the horn for us. Anyway a great race for Halo!

After returning Halo to Chaffers we met back at the clubhouse for beers and prize giving. Apparently there was some confusion about the course and all boats had rounded the wrong mark at Somes island. Ah well, it's not Americas Cup!

To our surprise they announced that the Cup for Line Honours for the Winter Series was won by Halo!!
We also won 3rd place overall for the Handicap Results. Very happy with that. Congratulations and thanks to all who have crewed Halo over the series, Peter, Eduardo, Paul, Murray, Helen and Graciela.