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EBYMBC Race 16 June 2018

posted 17 Jun 2018, 15:27 by Geoff Head   [ updated 21 Oct 2019, 02:28 ]
Crew: Geoff, Peter, Grant, Kate, Murray
Weather Forecast: 15 kts northerlies, fine with some cloud.

We departed from Chaffers at 1110 hrs and sailed round to Evans Bay. The wind was looking to be somewhat more than predicted so we hoisted the No. 3 Genoa with full Main.

The course was advised as the #10: First warning 12:45hrs. Start/finish line will be between the Start Box and a laid pin mark. Signals will be made using flags to start boats. Course is: Start, Falcon Shoal No.10 buoy (port), Finish.

Signed on for the race and noted a good turnout with 13 boats in the Cruising Division event.  Our race start went perfectly (so we thought!) and we crossed the line seconds after the 1250 start time with just 2 other boats in front of us. With Grant doing a sterling job on helm and after an initial tack we headed straight up towards Pt. Halswell. We may well have made it without a tack it it wasn't for one of the other boats who turned onto a starboard tack in front of us forcing us to do a last minute tack as well.  We continued at around 6 kts and then sped up to 7.5 kts as we turned onto a beam reach round the headland. 

The notherly was pretty gusty around 20 kts in the harbour which made for some exciting sailing.  

We hoisted the spinnaker pole to goose-wing the Genoa sailing at about 6-7 kts down to the Falcon Shoals buoy.  Rounded the buoy at 1329 hrs and with Peter on helm we zig-zagged our way back up to Pt Halswell and back down Evans Bay crossing the finish at 1421 hrs in 4th place on line.

We were feeling pretty pleased with our performance until it was announced at the prize-giving that Halo and 2 other boats were disqualified as OCS *. Seems we went over the line prior to the start line. Apparently the individual recall flag (I over Z) had gone up for us but we missed it. A couple of other boats were also disqualified as they missed the finish line. Oh well. It was a great day's sailing which we thoroughly enjoyed.

* The Round-an-End Rule 30.1: A boat over the line during the minute before the start must sail to the pre-start side of the line around either end before starting. If they fail to do this they will be scored OCS.
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Geoff Head,
17 Jun 2018, 17:49