Holmes Cup EBYMBC 19 October 2019

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Crew:  Geoff, Ken, Murray, Peter, Robin

Forecast: Northerly rising to 30 knots early morning easing to northwest 15 knots in the afternoon.

Race day started out with the northerly winds initially dropping and then increasing again to 20-25 kts. We were expecting the race to be cancelled and Geoff and Robin delayed departing Chaffers. With still no cancellation from the club by 1100 hrs  we cast off just as Murray texted us to confirm the race was on!

We motored round to Evans Bay and tied up at the wharf. Not many other boats around but saw the course was confirmed as No 8: Start Box to Falcon Shoal to Ward Island and back.

Ken, Peter and Murray joined us and we rigged up the No. 2 Jib and one reef in the mainsail and cast off at 1225 hrs. Positions were: Ken on helm, Geoff and Peter on trimming, Robin on bow and Murray on mainsheet. We had a good start crossing the line within seconds of the start time and headed off close hauled on a port tack towards the east of the bay. Most of the other boats crossed the line much closer to the Start Box and they quickly got a good distance ahead of us. After two tacks we then had a nice straight run to round Pt. Halswell. We then rounded the point and did the downwind run to Falcon Shoal with the reef shaken out of the main and jib poled out 'goose winged' getting good speeds around 7 kts.

Before arriving at Falcon Shoals we put the reef back in the mainsail and then beat our way up to the Ward Island at about 6 kts mark then back to Pt Halswell. The wind continued to be around 20-25 kts. Possibly we would have preformed better with the second reef on the main as to avoid heeling too much we needed to ease the mainsheet out so that it was luffing.

Back down Evans bay we shook out the reef again on a broad reach getting good speeds around 7 kts. We passed the finish line just a few seconds ahead of Coriander who had been chasing us the whole race. We then motored Halo back to Chaffers as the wind finally died out.

At the prize giving we eventually learned that Halo had won the race beating Whetu by just 4 seconds! Well done team Halo and helmsman Ken.


Interclub Race EBYMBC Opening Day - 12 October

posted 14 Oct 2019, 18:00 by Geoff Head   [ updated 14 Oct 2019, 22:12 ]

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Ken, Brett

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots. Changing southerly 15 knots around midday. Sea slight. Fine spells, but chance of showers with southerly change.

Peter met Geoff at Chaffers and to help with the delivery of Halo around to Evans Bay. We tied up at the slipway poles together with Rogue, Coriander and others. 

After the formalities of the Evans Bay opening ceremony we rigged the Maxi Spinnaker and No. 1 HW Genoa and cast off at 1230 hrs and did some practice sailing around the bay. This was our first race with the new mainsail made by Linton Sails and we were very fortunate to have Brett join us on the crew to try out the new sail.

With only 4 POB, crew positions were loosely; Ken on bow, Brett trimming, Murray on mainsheet and Geoff on helm.  With over 30 yachts competing, the start was rather congested and we chose to keep behind the main bunch resulting in crossing the start line about one minute late but with the advantage that we already had the spinnaker hoisted.

We sailed up the bay in the middle of the bunch doing 5 kts in around 10 kts of wind. After we rounded Pt. Halswell we hoisted the Genoa and dropped the spinnaker and the wind dropped to about 6-7 kts as we crossed Kau Bay. After the got past the bay the wind came up to 14 kts as we beat upwind towards the mark. When we were about 150 mts abreast of the Front Lead mark we tacked to do our starboard rounding. Unfortunately the wind chose this moment to drop and we drifted too close to the mark so had to do a double tack in order to clear it without colliding! We noticed one boat pass inside us as we lost a bit of time with this manoeuvre.

Back downwind we re-hoisted the spinnaker and made good progress at 6-7 kts on a broad reach back to Pt. Halswell where we took a fairly wide turn and passed a couple of boats which were becalmed in Kau Bay. Yay!

Back in Evans Bay we completed the race with just two tacks keeping just ahead of Rogue who had been biting our heels behind us for the whole race. While Halo finished well behind the fast RPMYC racing boats on line, we later found that we had come 2nd on the corrected time for the race. 

A great result for Halo thanks partly to our new mainsail (and clean bottom) but more importantly thanks to Brett from Linton Sails who gave up his valuable time to guide us with sailing tips and expert advice.



EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 24 Aug 2019

posted 24 Aug 2019, 21:16 by Geoff Head   [ updated 12 Oct 2019, 21:04 ]

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Lorna, Emer, Paul and Ken

Metservice Forecast: Southerly 25 knots gusting 35 knots easing to 15 knots this morning, and to 10 knots this afternoon. Northerly 10 knots developing this evening.Rough sea easing this morning. Fair visibility in morning showers then fine.

Geoff, Eduardo, Lorna cast off from Chaffers at 1015 hrs and motor-sailed with the mainsail round to Evans Bay. The southerly was still pretty strong around 25 kts.  We tied up at the wharf rafted up with Rogue and later Temptation joined us.

Got the course. A short course to keep us busy around the Point Jerningham (PJ) and Greta Point (GP) buoys: Start (Start Box) - PJ - GP - PJ - GP - PJ - 1 - Finish (Pania). 
After a quick lunch and a cuppa we signed on for the race and cast off at about 1215 hrs. Positions were allocated as: Ken on helm, Geoff on mainsheet, Emer and Paul on trimmers, Lorna on keys and Eduardo on bow. The southerly had now dropped to around 16 kts and we rigged the No. 2 Jib with the medium spinnaker. 

Halo had a great start thanks to Ken's excellent helming. With only Rogue and Usurper ahead of us, we powered up the bay edging past Rogue before rounding the PJ mark. We then lost quite a bit of ground in our process of dropping the spinnaker and hoisting the Jib. Eventually got sails trimmed and we tacked our way back down the bay to Greta Point. After the two more roundings of PJ buoy followed by the No. 1 mark we then finished the race with most of the fleet having slipped passed us as we were struggling with our turns.

Lessons learned: We need more practise with spinnaker hoisting and dropping. One suggestion is to take the pole down first, before dousing the spinnaker. As long as the tweakers are pulled in we can fly the spinnaker without the pole for the last few minutes making it much easier to then hoist the Jib and quickly drop the spinnaker before the turn. 

Also worth trying is to drop the spinnaker into the hatch with the sheets and halyard attached. We can then later hoist the spinnaker directly from the hatch to save having to repack into the bag. Geoff will get a new longer spinnaker halyard installed to make this workable.  

It will be good to do some spinnaker practice in a non-race situation to test these techniques.

At the prize giving that night we learned that Halo had come 4th overall for the Winter Series with 'Smokie' taking first place.  (Halo had the same score as 3rd place 'After Midnight').  We also won a great spot prize of a pair of marine binoculars thanks to Barton Marine.
(Due to 'finger problems' I didn't get the course recorded on the chartplotter this time so unable to do a precise action replay of the race). 


EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 10 Aug 2019

posted 11 Aug 2019, 22:07 by Geoff Head   [ updated 12 Aug 2019, 01:50 ]

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Lorna, Eduardo, Emer.

Metservice Forecast: Southeast 15 knots turning northerly 10 knots in the morning, rising to 20 knots in the afternoon rising to 25 knots gusting 35 knots this evening. Sea becoming rough this evening. Poor visibility in showers,some heavy with possible thunderstorms.

Lorna and Geoff departed Chaffers at 1015 hrs and motor-sailed with just the mainsail rigged round to Evans Bay in just a couple of knots of wind and heavy rain at times. We arrived at the wharf and rafted up alongside the big 50 foot Beneteau yacht Rogue. Emer, Murray and Eduardo joined us and we signed on for the race and got the course instructions: three loops around a marker at the north end of Evans Bay.

We cast off and did some warm-up practice sailing up and down the start line. Positions were Murray on helm, Geoff on mainsheet, Emer on bow, Eduardo and Lorna on trimming. The wind had still not picked up so we decided to go with the No. 1 Light Genoa. 

The race started at 1235 hrs and on our first tack we sailed at about 2 kts towards Burnham Wharf and pretty much lost the wind. We were losing a lot of ground. We noticed that the other boats were picking up speed on the other side so we did a tack and headed back to the west. By the time we got over we had some lift but by then we were already way behind most of the fleet. Each time we went on a port tack we slowed right down again and so did a number of short tacks trying to get up the bay. It was only when we got near Pt Halswell that we were able to get boat speed up to 6 kts with the help of the wind rising up to 20 kts which was now over the limit of our light No. 1 Genoa.

We rounded the top mark at 1324 hrs and hoisted the medium spinnaker for a run down the bay while Emer and Edo took down the No. 1 and rigged up the No. 2 Genoa. We rounded the Shoal Pile light at 1341 hrs and beat our way back up the bay into about 18 kts of wind rounding the top mark at 1413 hrs. We made the conservative decision to hoist the small red spinnaker for the next run although in retrospect we should have re-used the medium kite as the wind hadn't increased as much as we anticipated.  

The third run down the bay we hoisted the medium spinnaker and had a fantastic sail down the bay in 20 kts wind. O
ur new tweakers and Murray's steady hand on the tiller helped to the kite under control as we reached speeds of up to 8 kts! 

We weren't able to catch the rest of the fleet though, and passed the finish line at 1516 hrs with only Tamerlane and KIngklip behind us. 

Our result on corrected time was 8th which meant we have dropped down one place to 3rd on the overall championship. One more race to go! 


EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 27 July 2019

posted 29 Jul 2019, 22:45 by Geoff Head   [ updated 30 Jul 2019, 13:16 ]

Crew: Geoff, Lorna, Murray, Ken, Robert, Robin.  First try-out of our new No. 2 Genoa made by Brett at Linton Sails.

Metservice Forecast: Northerly rising to 15 knots late morning, then easing to 10 knots in the evening. Sea slight. Cloudy periods.

Wind was already up to 16 kts in Chaffers so we hanked up the new No. 2 and departed the dock at 1016 hrs with Lorna doing a great job on helm. The new sail went up perfectly and Geoff soon noticed an improvement in performance of the boat. We sailed round to Evans Bay and tied up at the wharf at 1120 hrs.

At the club house we signed on an got the course: "Start - Somes Is - Ward Is - Finish". Ken, Murray, Robert and Robin joined us and cast off at 1200 hrs and prepared for the race. Positions: Geoff on helm, Murray on mainsheet, Lorna on keys, Robert on bow, Ken and Robin on sheets with Ken to take helm on the downwind stretch. Wind was 16 - 20 kts. Ideal for our new No. 2.  After a few tacks back and forth we decided to do the start on a starboard tack on the east end of the line close to Shoal Pile.

The tactic went pretty much to plan and we had a good start only a few seconds late over the line at 1235 hrs with a bunch of boats on our port side (unable to tack until we did). We continued tacking up the harbour towards Somes Island.  With wind around 20-25 kts we decided to rig up the small red spinnaker for the run back down from Somes. By the time we got round the island and hoisted the kite the wind had dropped to 10-12 knots and we were underpowered with our small spinnaker. Too late to make a spinnaker change to we continued cruising down towards Ward Is at around 6.5 kts gaining slightly on boats which were using genoa/main only.

We rounded Ward Is at 1416 hrs and sailed on a close reach across to Pt. Halswell while preparing the larger spinnaker for the next run. Grenadier was able to edge past us on this section.

Once we entered Evans bay we hoisted the spinnaker and made good speed of around 7 kts in 15 kts of wind, gaining on some of the other boats ahead and passing Grenadier. At one stage we experienced the 'death roll' effect with the kite weaving back and forwards. (Need to to some research on this). We passed the finish line at 1456 hrs. After dropping the rest of the crew off at Evans Bay, Robert, Geoff and Robin motor sailed back to Chaffers docking Halo in the berth at 1550 hrs closely followed by Temptation.

At the prize giving we discovered that Halo had achieved 2nd place on corrected time and is now sitting at 2nd place in the Winter Series overall. A wonderful day's sailing and good result for team Halo!

(Alex Paterson took a few photos from land during the race which are included below. Thanks Alex!)


EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 13 July 2019

posted 14 Jul 2019, 23:37 by Geoff Head   [ updated 21 Jul 2019, 00:47 ]

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo. Lorna, Murray, Paul and Ken

Metservice Forecast: Northerly 20 knots but 15 knots about the harbour. Rising to northerly 25 knots gusting 35 knots about the harbour in the evening. Sea becoming rough in the evening. Mainly fine. Fair visibility in a few evening showers.

Geoff, Lorna and Eduardo departed Chaffers at 1030 hrs and motor-sailed round to Evans Bay. The northerly was 15-20 kts but forecasted to increase so we decided not to make the genoa selection until closer to start time.

Tied Halo up at Evans bay wharf at 1130 hrs and got course confirmation: Start - Falcon Shoal (p) - Ward Is buoy (p) - Finish. Signed on for the race. Ken, Murray and Paul joined us and after some discussion we decided to go with the No. 2 Genoa and no reef in the Mainsail. We cast off at 1200 hrs to give us time for some practice sail. Positions were: Eduardo on bow, Murray on mainsheet, Lorna on keys, Paul and Ken on trimmers and Geoff on helm.

With 14 boats in the race the start was fairly busy. Not being too keen to fight it out with the others we held back somewhat and crossed the start line a bit late. (We found out later that there was a collision at the start between three boats! As a consequence After Midnight and Saucy Sausage were not able to finish the race).

Our first tack across the bay was going pretty well until a sudden gust hit and with a big bang our ageing No. 2 Genoa ripped in two!  Eduardo, Paul and Lorna did a great job cutting free the ruined genoa and hoisting the No. 3 Jib while we sailed the next tack slowly with just the mainsail. Once we got the No. 3 hoisted we were back in the race but had lost lots of ground although still ahead of Kingklip and Footprints. We beat our way up the bay at 6 kts. At Pt Halswell we turned to a beam reach down to Falcon Shoal at a ripping 7-8 kts with 20-25 kts of wind behind us, passing Grenadier and Tamerlen on the run.

We rounded Falcon Shoals Light at 1325 and beat into the wind towards Ward Island rounding the mark at 1349 hrs. On the reach back to Pt Halswell we managed to edge past Wakarere and then we hoisted the spinnaker pole and goose-winged down to the finish line with winds gusting up to 35 kts.   

After dropping off Lorna, Murray, Paul and Ken at Evans Bay, Geoff and Eduardo motored back to Chaffers. Wind was pretty strong by then with gusts up to 45 kts. Coming into the berth we were hit by a 30 kts gust but managed to get in OK after bouncing off the mooring pole on our starboard side.

A wild and exhilarating day's sailing!

EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 29 June 2019

posted 30 Jun 2019, 18:07 by Geoff Head   [ updated 1 Jul 2019, 18:28 ]

Crew: Geoff, Murray, Paul, Bruce, Julie, Bradyn

Mestservice Forecast: Northerly 25 knots gusting 35 knots, easing to 20 knots this evening.Rough sea, easing this evening. Cloudy periods.

Bruce joined Geoff on Halo at Chaffers Marina and we departed the berth at 1027 hrs. As forecasted, the northerly was blowing 25 kts and the sea was rough. We fully expected the race to be cancelled but hoisted the Main with 1st Reef and motor-sailed round to Evans Bay. Maximum gusts as we came into the bay was 35 kts. We arrived at the wharf at 1106 hrs where we rafted up beside Coriander. 

At the club rooms it was confirmed that racing was on for Cruising Division only. Course was advised as "Start - Somes Is (port rounding) - Finish". The start/finish line to be from Start Box to Shoal Pile. Nine boats were signed on for the race.

Murray, Paul, Julie and Braden joined us and we rigged  up the No. 3 Jib and cast off ready to race. Positions were Geoff on helm, Murray on mainsheet, Julie on keys, Bradyn and Bruce sheet trimmers and Paul on bow.  

We started the race on port tack and beat our way up Evans Bay towards Point Halswell at good speed averaging 6.5 kts. Unfortunately we did the 4th tack a bit soon and as we neared Pt Halswell we lost wind and slowed down so had to do one more tack at the last minute to clear the point. After clearing Halswell at 1310 hrs we were able to ease the sheets a bit and race across the harbour towards the east of Somes. 

Keeping a close eye on the chartplotter we cut as close as possible to the southern and northern points of Somes Island gaining some ground on some boats which were taking a more cautious route.

We were then on a run back down the harbour. Bruce took over helm. We shook out the reef we sped along at 7 kts getting up to 8 kts at one stage. The wind was still gusting to 35 kts and up to 40 kts once. No appetite for raising the spinnaker! 

By the time we entered Evans Bay we had made good ground on our nemesis Coriander and we poled out the jib "goose-winged" but couldn't quite catch Coriander who beat us across the line at 1434 hrs by 36 seconds (24 seconds on corrected time). 

After finishing we went to start the engine and found that the start button was not responding and we couldn't start the engine. As we sailed up the bay Geoff went down below and eventually managed to wire up a temporary fix and the engine sprang to life much to everyone's relief. (The button has been intermittent for a while and we have a replacement on order from Nanni).

We then dropped off Murray, Braden, Julie and Paul at Evans Bay and Geoff and Bruce motored back to Chaffers.  A pretty hairy exciting day's sailing!

At the prize giving we learned that Halo had made 5th place for the race and that also 5th on the Winter Series so far. 


EBYMBC Winter Series Race - 15 June 2019

posted 16 Jun 2019, 04:10 by Geoff Head   [ updated 16 Jun 2019, 04:26 ]

Crew: Geoff, Ken, Lorna, Paul, Robin

Forecast: : Variable 5 knots. Southerly 15 knots developing this morning, and rising to 20 knots about the south coast for a time late this morning and early afternoon. Easing to southerly 10 knots everywhere this evening. Moderate sea in the south for a time late this morning and early afternoon. Cloudy periods, and fair visibility in occasional rain from late morning.

Robin and Lorna joined Geoff on Halo at Chaffers Marina and we cast off from the berth at 1030 hrs. Wind had been steadily increasing since early morning and as we were unsure which genoa to we would be using in the race we motor sailed round to Evans Bay with just the mainsail up. At the clubhouse we signed on for the race and learned that it would be course No. 7 which is: Start - 10 (Falcon Shoal) - 12 (Wards Is.) - Finish, with a 5 min. warning for the start at 1230 hrs.  Paul and Ken joined us and we cast off ready for the start. Positions were allocated as Paul on bow, Robin on mainsheet, Ken on helm, Lorna on keys and trimmer, Geoff on bow and trimming.

The wind had come up to just under 20 kts so we prepared the No. 2 Genoa and the medium Spinnaker. We started with just the mainsail initially and hoisted the Spinnaker for the down wind run to Point Halswell. A great start with only 2 boats ahead of us initially. By the time we reached Pt Halswell a couple of the faster boats had passed us and we then turned south into the head wind tacking towards Falcon Shoal. Had a rather close call with Coriander and Grenadier as we tacked in front of them!

Rounded Falcon Shoals light at 1322 hrs and then headed down wind on a broad reach towards Ward Island neck and neck with our rival Coriander. Doug yelled out at us that we needed to clean out bottom! We rounded mark No. 12 at 1336 hrs with inches to spare cutting in front of Grenadier who was taking a wide turn. On the beam reach back to Evans Bay Grenadier was able to gradually pass us again. We then beat our way into Evans Bay with four tacks before getting to the finish line just 10 seconds ahead of Coriander.  (The finish line was positioned just after Greta Point between the Race Committee Boat Pania on our starboard and the end finishing mark on our port. 

Results for the race (see below) were Halo 5th on handicap and 5th on line. A great race and we didn't even notice the crappy weather. I did get some post-race feedback at the clubhouse that it was looking like Halo was under powered with just the No. 2 Genoa, so we may have done better with a No. 1.  Also we should get our bottom cleaned before the next race.


EBYMBC 2018/19 Season Prize Giving

posted 8 Jun 2019, 23:04 by Geoff Head   [ updated 8 Jun 2019, 23:12 ]

Held at the Evans Bay clubhouse Saturday 11 May 2019 the Centenary Season Prize Giving was a fun night with success for Halo:

* Winner Pet Cup
* Winner Holmes Cup
* 3rd Place Cruising Division Season Championship

Congrats to the crew who have competed on Halo at various times over the season; Peter Gates, Eduardo Villouta, Paul Jennings, Murray Thomas, Ken Glassey, Grant Timlin, Lorna Zach, Tuncer Sakgun, Pien, Julie Brixton. Thanks EBYMBC for a great season's racing!


EBYMBC Pet Cup - 13 April 2019 - Win for Halo!!

posted 14 Apr 2019, 17:02 by Geoff Head   [ updated 15 Apr 2019, 01:31 ]

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Ken, Murray, Kaye. 

Forecast: Southerly 25 knots gusting 30 Knots, easing to 20 knots in the afternoon.

Eduardo and Geoff motor-sailed Halo round to Evans Bay with the Mainsail rigged with 1 Reef and tied up at the pole at 1110 hrs. Wind was as predicted, southerly 25 kts with long gusts of 30 kts.  At the clubhouse we received confirmation that the race was on (!) with 5 minute warning at 1250 hrs and the course was to be, "Start Box-Shoal Pile (flags) to Falcon Shoal #10 to Ward Island (island) to Finish. Port roundings". Ken, Murray and Kaye joined us and we cast off at 1236 hrs.

After some deliberation and seeing that there was no sign of the wind decreasing, we decided on the No. 3 Jib and keeping one reef in the Mainsail. Ken was on helm, Eduardo on bow, Geoff and Murray on mainsheet and jibsheet trimming.  There were only five boats in the race. The others presumably dropped out due to the windy conditions.

We had a perfect start. Halo was first over the line at 1255 hrs as we powered up Evans Bay running at over 7 kts in a tail wind with the jib goose-winged on the spinnaker pole. Passed Point Halswell at 1311 hrs and even though we kept a wide berth of Kau Bay our speed dropped to 5 kts. Once we cleared the shadow of Mt Crawford our speed picked up to a healthy 6.5 kts as we headed towards the Rear Lead. We then realised that we should be heading further south towards Falcon Shoal so we tightened up into the wind for a better course although this slowed us down to 4 to 5 kts until we rounded the mark at 1336 hrs.

Then on a broad reach towards Ward Island our speed was up to 6.5 to 7 kts. We noticed that Ursurper who was leading the race, was speeding off to Days Bay. He obviously wasn't aware of the course change! As we rounded Ward Island Geoff kept a close eye on the chart plotter and we were able to cut inside and overtake Grenadier.

On the broad reach back across the harbour the wind had dropped and we were thinking a larger headsail would be nice. No time to change sails though. We were averaging 6.5 kts and saw Grenadier sneak past us again. We rounded Pt Halswell at 1156 hrs and beat out way down Evans Bay into the wind in two tacks averaging 5.5 kts. We crossed the Finish at 1442 hrs with only Grenadier ahead of us on line by two minutes. A great race!

At the clubhouse the race results were announced. Halo had won the Pet Cup on corrected time! And we came third in the overall Season Champs!


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