EBYMBC Race 16 June 2018

posted 17 Jun 2018, 15:27 by Geoff Head   [ updated ]

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Grant, Kate, Murray
Weather Forecast: 15 kts northerlies, fine with some cloud.

We departed from Chaffers at 1110 hrs and sailed round to Evans Bay. The wind was looking to be somewhat more than predicted so we hoisted the No. 3 Genoa with full Main.

The course was advised as the #10: First warning 12:45hrs. Start/finish line will be between the Start Box and a laid pin mark. Signals will be made using flags to start boats. Course is: Start, Falcon Shoal No.10 buoy (port), Finish.

Signed on for the race and noted a good turnout with 13 boats in the Cruising Division event.  Our race start went perfectly (so we thought!) and we crossed the line seconds after the 1250 start time with just 2 other boats in front of us. With Grant doing a sterling job on helm and after an initial tack we headed straight up towards Pt. Halswell. We may well have made it without a tack it it wasn't for one of the other boats who turned onto a starboard tack in front of us forcing us to do a last minute tack as well.  We continued at around 6 kts and then sped up to 7.5 kts as we turned onto a beam reach round the headland. 

The notherly was pretty gusty around 20 kts in the harbour which made for some exciting sailing.  

We hoisted the spinnaker pole to goose-wing the Genoa sailing at about 6-7 kts down to the Falcon Shoals buoy.  Rounded the buoy at 1329 hrs and with Peter on helm we zig-zagged our way back up to Pt Halswell and back down Evans Bay crossing the finish at 1421 hrs in 4th place on line.

We were feeling pretty pleased with our performance until it was announced at the prize-giving that Halo and 2 other boats were disqualified as OCS *. Seems we went over the line prior to the start line. Apparently the individual recall flag (I over Z) had gone up for us but we missed it. A couple of other boats were also disqualified as they missed the finish line. Oh well. It was a great day's sailing which we thoroughly enjoyed.

* The Round-an-End Rule 30.1: A boat over the line during the minute before the start must sail to the pre-start side of the line around either end before starting. If they fail to do this they will be scored OCS.

24-Hour Endurance Race March 2018

posted 6 Mar 2018, 15:23 by Geoff Head   [ updated 11 Jun 2018, 00:43 ]

Crew:  Geoff, Robert, Peter, Grant, Brent, Eduardo

Forecast: Northerly 5-10 kts

Friday 2 March
1600 hrs - Murray to collect Robert from airport (NZ437 ETA 4.05 pm) and drive to Chaffers (will borrow Geoff’s parking pass).
1700 - Halo departs Chaffers ​heading to Seaview Marina Berth A36. Crew: ​Geoff, Robert, Murray.
1830 - Graciela drives to Seaview Marina
1900 - Presentation by Laura Dekker ​at Lowry Bay Yacht Club (LBYC).
Attendees: Geoff, Robert, Graciela, Murray, Peter, Brent and ?
2000 - Graciela and Murray drive back to Wgtn. Geoff and Robert sleep night on Halo.

Saturday 3 March
1000 hrs - Pre-race Briefing at LBYC - Geoff and Robert
1030 - Halo crew meet at Seaview Marina Berth A36​. There is free car parking around the marina.
1130 - Halo cast off
1200 - Race starts! Crew: Geoff, Robert, Peter, Grant, Eduardo, Brent.

Sunday 4 March
1200 hrs - Race finishes
1500 - Prize Giving at LBYC
1530 - Graciela drives to Seaview to collect Geoff and Robert. Take Robert to airport.

Monday 5 March
Some time during Monday, Graciela drives Geoff, Grant and Murray to Seaview to sail Halo back to Chaffers.

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Shiralee Cup - 24 March 2018

posted 28 Feb 2018, 00:46 by Geoff Head   [ updated 28 Feb 2018, 01:03 ]

Crew: Geoff, Robert, Murray, Paul Wavish, Robin

Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots early afternoon, to 20 knots in the evening. Fine weather. 

As Temptation were short staffed we invited Paul and Robin to join us on Halo. We had a great start crossing the line a few seconds after 1315 hrs with Paul doing an excellent job on helm.

We  tacked into the northerly out of Evans bay with full main and No.1 Genoa in third place behind Airlift and Liquid Asset. Crossing the harbour towards Somes Island we had to negotiate the Bluebridge ferry with both Airlift and Liquid Asset having to lose a bit of ground while taking evasive action but not enough for us to catch them.

Rounded the Somes Island marker at 1413 hrs still in third position and headed west towards Ngauranga and prepared the spinnaker. Rounded the marker at 1432 and hoisted the kite. We were a bit slow getting the spinnaker fully hoisted but onece up we made good progress back to Evans Bay passing the finish line at 1507 hrs in third place ahead of Wakarere, Shogun and Andal.

Dropped Robert and Murray off at Evans Bay so Robert could catch his flight back to Auckland and Paul, Robin and Geoff motored back to Chaffers.

EBYMBC Marangi Cup - 10 Feb 2018

posted 9 Feb 2018, 21:52 by Geoff Head   [ updated 9 Feb 2018, 21:53 ]

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Marie-Therese

Forecast: Saturday : Southerly 10 knots rising to 15 knots for a time this afternoon and evening. Sea slight. Cloudy, with areas of fog. Poor visibility in occasional rain, mostly from evening.

13:15:00 Start Time

15:02:00 "Liquid Asset"

15:04:03 "Saracen"

15:08:11 "Temptation"

15:10:42 "Halo"

15:17:05 "...Special Moana"

15:20:12 "Shogun"


Evans Bay Regatta - 27-28 January 2018

posted 9 Feb 2018, 21:50 by Geoff Head   [ updated 9 Feb 2018, 21:51 ]

Day 1 - Crew: Geoff, Agnes (Hungary), Piroska (Hungary)

Forecast: Southerly 10 kts

Day 2 - Crew: Geoff, Jo (Germany), Claudia (France), Rian (Germany), Cat (NZ)

Forecast: Southerly 15 kts


Wineworks Cook Strait Race - 1 Dec 2017

posted 3 Dec 2017, 21:10 by Geoff Head   [ updated 10 Dec 2017, 19:58 by Geoff Head ]

Crew: Geoff Head, Murray Thomas, Grant Timlin, Eduardo Villouta.
Forecast: Light northerly to start picking up during the race. 15-20 kts 

We had sailed Halo across Cook Strait to Waikawa the previous day (Thursday 30 Nov) and berthed in the Waikawa Marina for the night.  At 7pm the Waikawa Boating Club held the pre-race briefing at the clubrooms. Very well organised event with all the information we needed including the Handicap table for all boats. Halo was at the bottom of the handicap list at 0.6400 together with Owhiro Lady.  We were obviously going to be one of the slowest boats in the race. We handed in our completed Coastal Voyage Form and picked up our Race Information Pack with banner and the complimentary bottles of St Clair Family Estate as well as the padlocked 'black box' containing the special delivery of wine to be taken to Wellington.

The race was timed to start at 9.30 am at the Entrance of Tory Channel so we set our alarms for 5.30 for a 6.00 am getaway from Waikawa Marina. 

By 0600 hrs we had departed Waikawa and were enjoying the early morning views of Queen Charlotte Sound while we ate a hearty breakfast and motored out to Tory Channel in convoy with all the other yachts. Arrived at Okukari Bay just inside the Tory Channel Entrance at 0840 hrs. All boats had to radio ‘Pacific Eagle’ on VHF 77 to confirm they are racing, advise total POB, if there are any changes to the submitted crew list, and receive acknowledgement from a WBC official. At  about 0915 we all followed Pacific Eagle out through the Channel Entrance towards the start line off Ruakawa Rock, just north of the entrance. 

There was some confusion on the start time. We understood the start was at 0930 and were expecting a 5 min warning at 0925 but we eventually realised the race start time was 0935 with the warning at 0930. 

Anyway off we started, somewhat behind the main bunch. The boats in front were hoisting their spinnakers in the light northerly so we (quickly as we could) prepared our kite. However by the time we were ready to hoist, the wind had picked up and all the leading boats were already dropping their kites.

We sailed on a beam reach across Cook Strait with the No. 2 Genoa and full Mainsail at a fairly good speed of about 7 kts SOG. We noticed some boats heading much further south and others further north. We decided to play it safe and head down the middle! As we passed Thoms Rock we were doing 9 kts SOG but Halo and a couple of other boats were now trailing well behind the pack.

Great excitement as we were going through Karori Rip towards Sinclair Head we noticed that we were quickly catching up with all the other boats which appeared to be becalmed! We eventually entered the calm patch just off Sinclair Head at 1220 hrs and barely moved for about 20 minutes. In the meantime, of course, the leading boats were off leaving us behind again. We took some comfort in a couple of boats still behind us. 

The northerly quickly built up to 20 kts gusting to 27 kts as we were passing Lyall Bay towards the Heads and we were probably over-powered with our No. 2 Genoa and no reef in the Main. We decided however to press on in the expectation that the wind would decrease once we headed into the harbour. Had an exhilarating sail passing Barrett Reef Buoy at 1410 hrs avoiding the Straitsman which was coming out. All boats had to radio into race control at Port Nick Sports Ch. 62 when rounding the buoy. We then tacked up Wellington Heads with Grant doing a great job on helm. Passed Point Halswell at 1525 hrs. Excited to see we had overtaken Bavaria on the final tack!

Called in to race control again when passing Point Jerningham and sailed down towards Port Nick Yacht Club passing the finish line at 1549 hrs. We made it!

At the prize giving that night we were excited to discover we'd won 16th place on handicap out of 39 boats. Well done Halo and her super crew, Geoff, Murray, Grant and Eduardo!  It was a great race which we all thoroughly enjoyed.
(Thanks to Eduardo for the great photos).


Evans Bay Shiralee Cup Race - Nov 2017

posted 26 Nov 2017, 21:20 by Geoff Head   [ updated 3 Dec 2017, 21:28 ]

Crew: Peter, Murray, Geoff

Forecast: Southerly 20 knots easing to 15 knots late this evening. Moderate sea, easing late this evening. Mostly cloudy, with light drizzle possible this evening.

Peter and Geoff sailed round to Evans Bay where we signed on for the race and got the course instructions:  S - Ngauranga 4 (S) - Ward Is 12 (S) - Finish.

Race started at 1320 and we got off to a good start with the No1 LT Genoa and full Main.  Peter was on helm, Murray on mainsheet and trimming and Geoff on bow and trimming. 

Hoisted the main Spinnaker as quickly as possible and sailed out into Wellington Harbour at about 6.5 kts. Once we located the Ngauranga mark we need to veer to port somewhat so instead of gybing the spinnaker we decided to drop it. Unfortunately the spinnaker came down too fast and started dragging in the water before Geoff was able to stuff it all down the forward hatch. Caused us to slow down as we eventually untangled the spinnaker and sheet from the prop.

Continue on a starboard tack with No1. Genoa until  we rounded the Ngauranga mark at 1358 hrs and headed across the harbour at about 6.5 kts to Ward island which we rounded at 1433 hrs. Passed Point Halswell at 1455 hrs and started beating our way into Evans Bay.  At this stage our speed dropped to  5 kts or so as Temptation passed us and beat us to the finish line which we crossed at 1528 hrs. 

Why were we slower than Temptation on the final section? In retrospect we were probably overpowered and would have sailed more efficiently with a reef in the Main or with the No. 2 Genoa. (We noticed Temptation had their Genoa 1/2 furled in).
    Rounding the Ward Island mark behind Corianda       

Island Bay Race Nov 2017

posted 18 Nov 2017, 18:09 by Geoff Head   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 00:40 ]

Crew: Geoff, Peter, Murray, Paul, Bex

Forecast: Southeast 30 knots gusting 40 knots but 20 knots gusting 30 knots about the harbour easing to 20 knots gusting 30 knots but 15 knots about the Harbour during the evening. Rough sea about the south coast, easing this evening. Mainly fine, chance of a light shower or two about the south coast.

This Saturday's race to Island Bay was organised by RPNYC and is the last of the Interclub Series. The race was a pursuit race with 34 boats starting at intervals generally according to their handicaps and whether they were entered in Spinnaker or Non-Spinnaker division.  Start times ranged from 1000 to 1145 hrs (see attachment below). Halo was allotted a time of 1030 hrs in the Spinnaker Division.

We set up the PredictWind Tracker on Paul's iPhone and you can watch our course on YouTube here:

As the forecast looked pretty marginal we conservatively rigged 2 reefs in the Main with the No. 3 jib. The race started well for Halo. We crossed the start line almost exactly at 1030 and away we went! A bit slow at first until we got the strong southerly wind in our sails coming down Evans Bay. We passed Pt Halswell at 1050 hrs and continued across the harbour until almost south of Ward Island and then tacked our way out of the harbour.

The sea started to get quite rough as we exited the harbour with waves splashing over the foredeck. (Good to see the new hatch cover remained water tight, but crew up front got a bit wet!). 

Did a slight detour to fish Titus Canby's lost life buoy out of the water then passed Steeple Rock light at 1147 hrs and then Barrett Reef Buoy at 1225 hrs and turned right on a fast beam reach (7 kts) towards Island Bay. Quite a few of the faster boats were starting to catch up with us by the time we reached the top marks at 1250 hrs and turned back home again.

Back in the Wellington Channel we successfully hoisted the Spinnaker (after a few little issues!) and flew all the way across the harbour at high speed (up to 8 kts!) before turning at Horokiwi Marker and back home. We passed the Finish Line at 1510 hrs by which time all the fast Spinnaker Division yachts had passed us.

Race results:

Great race for Halo. Our most adventurous yet and good practice for the Wineworks race in 2 weeks!


Evans Bay Cruising Division – Commodores Cup - 11 Nov 2017

posted 14 Nov 2017, 01:51 by Geoff Head   [ updated 25 Nov 2017, 00:30 ]

Crew: Geoff, Eduardo, Paul, Danielle, Dougal, Jessie
Forecast : Southeast 15 knots but variable 5 knots about the Harbour. Becoming southeast 20 knots but 15 knots about the Harbour this morning. Sea becoming moderate in the south this morning. A fine morning, then increasing cloud. 

First of 2 races was due to start at 1320 hrs. Geoff, Eduardo and Jessie joined Halo at Chaffers at 11.30 am and sailed in light winds round to Evans Bay. By the time we arrived the southerlies had picked up considerably to around 20 knots. Went ashore to the club and discovered that Paul Wavish had turned Temptation back to Chaffers due to technical problem with the furling system. Danielle and Dougal from his crew then joined us together with Paul so we had a full complement of 6 crew.

The race course was changed due to the weather. Reduced to one race out to Ward Island and back. We set up 1 reef in the main and downsized the Headsail to the #3 jib.

We sailed around the bay waiting for the 5 min warning at 1315 but we never saw it! At 1320 the other boats seemed to have started so off we went.  Five boats in the race but 3 of them were already well ahead of us before we even passed the start line at 1326 hrs.

Had a great downwind sprint out of Evans Bay, round Point Halswell and across the harbour with 20 knots of wind over to the marker north of Ward Island and back again crossing the finish line at 1503 hrs. No other boats flew spinnakers so we decided best to follow suit. Wonderful to be racing in a good stiff breeze. 

Couple of technical issues with the boat:

-  When hoisting the main one of the crew noticed a rip in near the bottom of sail near the luff. As it was below the reef point we continued on.
-  Also after sailing a bit we realised that the sail was actually reefed to the 2nd reef although we had only tensioned the 1 reef line. Duh! Resolved by tensioning the #2 reef line which made the sail much flatter.
 - When back in the jetty and packing up, the main halyard got caught around the radar reflector. Impossible to clear from the deck so we hoisted the ladder and Jessie climbed the mast and freed the halyard.

Lowry Bay Yacht Club Inter-Club Series - Sunday 29-Oct 2017

posted 2 Nov 2017, 18:34 by Geoff Head   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 11:12 ]

Crew: Murray, Eduardo, Paul, Geoff

Met Service Forecast: Northerly 10 knots, rising to 15 knots for a time this afternoon and evening.Sea slight. Mostly cloudy, a few light showers.

Our first Interclub Series for Halo and quite a different experience with 44 boats out on the water!

Murray and Geoff left from Chaffers at 1046 hrs and sailed across the harbour with No1 LT headsail and Main arriving at Seaview Marina at 1243 where Eduardo and Paul were waiting for us. Checked up on the course for the Combined Division (spinnaker) race which was: Start 1300. Course #28. Start 19p 18p 19s Finish.

Left Seaview at 1245 hrs, located the start boat and milled around with the other boats waiting for the start signal which was delayed but eventually sounded at 1310 hrs . We managed to avoid collisions with other boats and we were off heading north towards the top mark. Photos below show us rounding the mark and hoisting our spinnaker.

We continued down to the bottom mark under spinnaker power. Rounded the mark at 1357 and then back up to the top mark again. We miscalculated the final tack approaching the top mark and had to do a quick second tack which was unfortunate as we had already rigged the spinnaker and the genoa sheets got tangled in the spinnaker. Oh well, lesson learned! We rounded the mark (with inches to spare!) and then hoisted the spinnaker again for the final run to the finish make which we passed at 1500 hrs.

Our final place was 27th. At least we didn't come last. Should note though, that most of the other Evans Bay boats were in the non-spinnaker race so we were mainly racing against the big boys.

After returning Paul to Seaview we sailed back home arriving at Chaffers at 1630 hrs. A great day out on the harbour!


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