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Underwater Clean and Check of Hull- Nov 2015

posted 11 Nov 2015, 21:20 by Geoff Head   [ updated 15 May 2016, 20:38 ]
On the recommendation of Louis (neighbour at Chaffers) I contacted Dean Fraser (021-437 732) to do an underwater clean and check of the hull rather than hauling the boat out of the water. The diver, Murray, spent almost an hour in the water and completed:

1. Installed a new 1" zinc sacrificial anode on the propeller shaft. The previous one was gone and Murray noted a small amount of corrosion on the prop as a result of this.

2. Cleared all the seawater intakes of moss and shellfish.

3. Cut off the fishing line which had caught around the prop.

4. Cleared mussel from the speedo transducer and checked it is spinning OK.

5. Checked the small hull crack which had been measured by Kim last year to be 350 mm long. The crack length appears to be unchanged although a fine hairline crack did extend another 50mm from the end, which was invisible after cleaning. Murray's advice was that this is of no immediate concern but still needs to be monitored.

6. Cleaned all the growth and mussels etc off the hull using a brush made of astro turf.

Murray's opinion is that the anti-foul is still in good condition and should easily last another year.