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New Antifoul July 2016

posted 13 Jul 2016, 22:21 by Geoff Head   [ updated 10 Dec 2017, 02:03 by Geoff Head ]
Sanded and re-painted antifoul paint on the hull. Used 1 x International Ultra 4L White mixed with some 1 x Ultra 2 Black to make the grey colour.

Also contracted Peter Delany to repair and spray-paint the bow nose and the stern, especially where the old exhaust hole had been plugged up. Also removed the word "Nelson" from the stern and repainted.

Found an issue with the rudder that it was leaking water. We removed the rudder and contracted Scott Barker to repair. He took it away to his workshop to dry water out, re-fill, re-seal the cracks in the top where the water was getting in, and re-paint.

Also discovered that the new propellor is pitted due to electrolysis. Got Travis to come and have a look. He suggested we should do an electrolysis measurement on the boat once it is back in the marina.