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Bosun's Chair Up The Mast to Replace Spinnaker Shackle- Oct 2015

posted 31 Oct 2015, 02:24 by Geoff Head   [ updated 15 May 2016, 20:39 ]
Geoff, Peter and Nigel met up Saturday morning to repair the broken spinnaker shackle which involved hoisting one of us up to the top of the mast in the bosun's chair.  

First tried hoisting up Geoff. Used the Main halyard on the bosun's chair and the Genoa halyard as a safety line on the harness. Peter and Nigel found it too difficult to hoist Geoff up. Then we tried hoisting Nigel up (70 kg vs 83 kg) and together with  Nigel helping with self hauling managed to get him up to the top.

Found that the shackle had broken off completely. Bought a replacement at Bartons and Nigel went up again and all fixed.

Many thanks to Nigel and Peter for assisting with this job which is definitely a 3-man procedure. 

And here's the old broken shackle which I found on the deck. Seems like the cause of the problem would have been the split pin which had broken off. Hopefully the new one without split pin will last OK.