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2 Mar 2015 - Relaunch of Halo

posted 2 Mar 2015, 16:15 by Geoff Head   [ updated 10 Dec 2017, 01:55 by Geoff Head ]
Relaunched Halo with engineer Travis Stoddart, completed sea trials and Nanni engine commissioning, and motored Halo back to berth at Chaffers Marina. 

Other work completed while in dry dock:
  • Removed old (dead) Humminbird chart plotter.
  • Installed new Nanni A4 engine control panel in hole left by Humminbird.
  • Removed old Navman Speed Gauge and thru-hull transducer.
  • Replaced with new Clipper Duet Speed/Log Depth Sounder.
  • Installed new LED cabin lights and light in engine room.
  • Re-wired electrical control panel.
  • Exhaust pipe outlet on stern of boat had to be re-positioned 15cm higher than waterline.

Pending work for completion:
  • Old exhaust hole in stern to be sanded and painted (Kim)
  • Replace exhaust cover (Kim)
  • Welding to repair hairline leak in exhaust pipe (TS)
  • Vacuum and clean engine room and decks (TS)
  • Label electrical switches  (Geoff)
  • Draw new electrical wiring diagram (Geoff)
  • Glue depth sounder transducer to hull (Geoff)
  • Check mast lights working - at night (Geoff)
  • Purchase spares kit.

Noted a small crack in keel. According to Kim it is not serious but should be monitored in case it gets worse: