New Battery Charger and Solar Panel - 25 March 2020

posted 29 Mar 2020, 15:41 by Geoff Head   [ updated 29 Mar 2020, 15:52 ]

Prior to the 24 Hour Endurance Race the old 7 Amp Ctek battery charger suddenly stopped working. As it was out of warranty I purchased a new ProMariner 12 Amp charger from Burnsco using the vouchers we won in the race. The new charger is wired directly to the charger selector switch so that I can select House Battery 1 or 2 or both. Also by turning on the Start Battery and Emergency Switch I can charge all 3 batteries at once. The 12 Amp rating handles this no problems.

Also for some time the old Enertec 90W solar panel has been dying to the extent of only putting out about 0.1W on a sunny day so I purchased a new 100W Powertech panel from JayCar. Before installing
I measured the open-circuit output of the panel at home: 19 v at 5.4 amps. Partially shaded I was getting 4.9 A if the shade went down the side but down to 0.47 A if the shade was across the top.

On the last day before the COVID19 lock-down I installed the new panel. This time I got a Clear Acrylic Panel (PSP 1200 x 900 x 3mm) from Bunnings, cut it to size, and mounted the solar panel on top of this to give it better support. I then glued the acrylic panel on the cabin room with Sikaflex. Tied it down with rope for a few days while it dried. Added extra Sikaflex sealant around the termination block as well.

Great to see the solar panel putting out almost 3 amps at 14.8 volts into the two house batteries. This should keep the batteries in good condition until this whole lock-down situation ends.


Repaint and Clean Hull Apply Anti-foul - 1 Feb 2020

posted 8 Feb 2020, 15:08 by Geoff Head   [ updated 9 Feb 2020, 15:19 ]

Peter and Geoff took Halo round to Evans Bay yard on Saturday 1 Feb. Sand blasted the hull and applied new antifoul. International Ultra 2. Cleaned the topsides with acid wash. Peter did some paint touch-ups on the bow. Cleaned boarding ladder with Grunt. Replaced the 1" zinc anode on the prop shaft. Cleaned log paddle-wheel. Checked grub screws on the prop. Re-launched Halo on Saturday morning 8th Feb with Malcolm's help.


Nanni Engine Annual Service - October 2019

posted 15 Oct 2019, 16:10 by Geoff Head   [ updated 16 Oct 2019, 02:01 ]

Annual service inspection by Travis at TS Marine Ltd as per manufacturer's recommendations:
Run engine to temp checking charge rates gear shift and operation. 
Replace engine oil and filter replace fuel filters and bleed system.
Check hose clamps, check gearbox oil level.
Drain the gearbox oil and flush several times before setting level. 
Check start battery battery failed load test. 
Remove and inspect impeller and replaced. 
Clean out water strainer.
Replace drive belt and source replacement.
Replace start relay back up.
Engine hours: 328

Racor 500 series
Oil filter
Fuel filter
Nanni impellor
Engine oil
Gearbox oil
Drive belt

Cutless Bearing Replacement & Prop Speed - 4 Apr & 21 April 2019

posted 6 Apr 2019, 17:27 by Geoff Head   [ updated 13 Jun 2019, 23:27 ]

Crew: Geoff

4 April -Motored Halo round to Evans Bay Quick Slip. Met with Murray plus Barry from Totally Marine to investigate cause of the vibration in the prop shaft. Barry confirmed my suspicions that the Cutless Bearing is worn. He agreed to quote price and availability for replacing the bearing to be done hopefully next week. Also will quote for applying PropSpeed to the prop.

With Murray's help we washed the hull which looked pretty clean seeing as it's only 3 months since the last wash and 11 months since the new anti-foul was applied. Then put boat back in water and motored back to Chaffers Marina.
21 April - Returned Halo to Evans Bay Yard. Barry from Totally Marine started work to replace the Cutless Bearing. Removed rudder and attempted to remove driveshaft flange. Too difficult so we had to relocate engine forward to allow driveshaft to be withdrawn from the hull. Geoff cleaned and repainted engine compartment. Fitted new Cutless Bearing. Repacked stern gland with new packing.  Replaced engine to correct position reinstalled/checked alignment. Apply PropSpeed. Fitted new Zinc Anode.

House Batteries Replacement - 10 Feb 2019

posted 5 Mar 2019, 16:30 by Geoff Head   [ updated 10 Mar 2019, 17:10 ]

Replaced both House Batteries in Nelson. Purchased from Burnsco.

2 x Hella Endurant MDC31/130 Flooded Deep Cycle 130A/H. 24 Month warranty.


Quick Slip Evans Bay - 7 Jan 2019

posted 8 Jan 2019, 21:12 by Geoff Head   [ updated 22 Oct 2019, 19:41 ]

Crew: Geoff, Tunch

Motored Halo round to Evans Bay Quick Slip. Hull wash down and replaced Zinc Anode.

New Vesper AIS Transponder - Jan 2019

posted 6 Jan 2019, 13:07 by Geoff Head   [ updated 22 Oct 2019, 19:41 ]

Have purchased a new XB-6000 AIS Transponder from NZ company, Vesper Marine.

The install went perfectly using its own internal GPS receiver and connected to the spare VHF antenna on the stern of the boat. The NMEA output with AIS and GPS data is now being used as the primary GPS source for NMEA2WIFI and the OPenCPN chartplotter.

Once the transponder started transmitting I checked on but couldn't see HALO listed at all. Checked with my old Daisy AIS receiver from home and could verify that it was transmitting fine. Discovered that it takes a day or two for the website to add new vessels to its database. It is now displaying correctly. (See screenshot and video below of our first sail with the transponder installed).

Another advantage of the new system is that it frees up a NMEA input on the NMEA2WIFI so I can now feed wind speed and direction data from the Navman into the network and display this on the OpenCPN dashboard (see screenshot below).

Also verified that the Raymarine Tiller pilot and Clipper GPS Repeater can now steer to a waypoint sent from OPenCPN using the GPS data from the Vesper. Great!

I am very impressed with this wonderful product and also the fantastic support provided by Vesper Marine.

Replaced Hatch Cover - Oct 2018

posted 6 Jan 2019, 12:42 by Geoff Head   [ updated 7 Jan 2019, 01:44 ]

The old Lewmar SuperHatch above the cabin has always leaked and seeing as it is no longer produced and there are no spares available, I looked around for a replacement. Found that the NZ manufacturer Cule Marine produce a model CLW30 which was almost exact same size. Ordered it via Bartons Marine.

After a bit of adjustment of the roof cutout with the jigsaw and two attempts at sealing, the hatch is now installed and 100% water tight! 


Nanni Engine Yearly Maintenance - 22 Nov 2018

posted 15 Dec 2018, 20:59 by Geoff Head   [ updated 23 Dec 2018, 09:18 ]

Travis from TS Marine carried out Annual Service Inspection as per manufacture's recommendations:  

Run engine to temp checking charge rates gear shift and operation. 
Replace engine oil and filter. 
Replace fuel filters and bleed system. 
Replace V Belt
Check hose clamps
Check gearbox oil level 
Check battery OK
Next year we will replace gearbox oil
Remove and inspect impeller 
Clean out water strainer.

Engine hours: 246.2

Travis recommended I clean up and re-paint the steel engine mounts which are rusting.

New GNSS Receiver, GPS Repeater and NMEA2WIFI - Aug 2018

posted 2 Sep 2018, 03:08 by Geoff Head   [ updated 2 Feb 2019, 20:25 ]

Complete upgrade of NMEA system with:

New GNSS Receiver: TOPGNSS Model GN2000R- External satellite receiver receives GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (Europe) and BeiDou (China). Ordered from Aliexpress
New NMEA2WIFI Multiplexer and Wifo Access Point. Ordered from Vela-Navega
New Clipper GPS Repeater from NASA Marine Instruments.
Rewire data cabling.

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