• Nanni Engine Annual Service - October 2019 Annual service inspection by Travis at TS Marine Ltd as per manufacturer's recommendations:Run engine to temp checking charge rates gear shift and operation. Replace engine oil and filter replace fuel filters and bleed system.Check hose clamps, check gearbox oil level.Drain the gearbox oil and flush several times before setting level. Check start battery battery failed load test. Remove and inspect impeller and replaced. Clean out water strainer.Replace drive belt and source replacement.Replace start relay back up.Engine hours: 328Parts:Racor 500 seriesOil filterFuel filterNanni impellorGasketEngine oilGearbox oilDrive belt
    Posted 16 Oct 2019, 02:01 by Geoff Head
  • Cutless Bearing Replacement & Prop Speed - 4 Apr & 21 April 2019 Crew: Geoff4 April -Motored Halo round to Evans Bay Quick Slip. Met with Murray plus Barry from Totally Marine to investigate cause of the vibration in the prop shaft. Barry confirmed my suspicions that the Cutless Bearing is worn. He agreed to quote price and availability for replacing the bearing to be done hopefully next week. Also will quote for applying PropSpeed to the prop.With Murray's help we washed the hull which looked pretty clean seeing as it's only 3 months since the last wash and 11 months since the new anti-foul was applied. Then put boat back in water and motored back to Chaffers Marina.    21 April - Returned Halo to Evans Bay Yard. Barry ...
    Posted 13 Jun 2019, 23:27 by Geoff Head
  • House Batteries Replacement - 10 Feb 2019 Replaced both House Batteries in Nelson. Purchased from Burnsco.2 x Hella Endurant MDC31/130 Flooded Deep Cycle 130A/H. 24 Month warranty.   
    Posted 10 Mar 2019, 17:10 by Geoff Head
  • Quick Slip Evans Bay - 7 Jan 2019 Crew: Geoff, TunchMotored Halo round to Evans Bay Quick Slip. Hull wash down and replaced Zinc Anode.     
    Posted 5 Mar 2019, 16:07 by Geoff Head
  • New Vesper AIS Transponder - Jan 2019 Have purchased a new XB-6000 AIS Transponder from NZ company, Vesper  Marine.  www.vespermarine.comThe install went perfectly using its own internal GPS receiver and connected to the spare VHF antenna on the stern of the boat. The NMEA output with AIS and GPS data is now being used as the primary GPS source for NMEA2WIFI and the OPenCPN chartplotter.Once the transponder started transmitting I checked on but couldn't see HALO listed at all. Checked with my old Daisy AIS receiver from home and could verify that it was transmitting fine. Discovered that it takes a day or two for the website to add new vessels to its database. It is now displaying ...
    Posted 25 Jun 2019, 22:06 by Geoff Head
  • Replaced Hatch Cover - Oct 2018 The old Lewmar SuperHatch above the cabin has always leaked and seeing as it is no longer produced and there are no spares available, I looked around for a replacement. Found that the NZ manufacturer Cule Marine produce a model CLW30 which was almost exact same size. Ordered it via Bartons Marine.After a bit of adjustment of the roof cutout with the jigsaw and two attempts at sealing, the hatch is now installed and 100% water tight!  
    Posted 7 Jan 2019, 01:44 by Geoff Head
  • Nanni Engine Yearly Maintenance - 22 Nov 2018 Travis from TS Marine carried out Annual Service Inspection as per manufacture's recommendations:  Run engine to temp checking charge rates gear shift and operation. Replace engine oil and filter. Replace fuel filters and bleed system. Replace V BeltCheck hose clampsCheck gearbox oil level Check battery OKNext year we will replace gearbox oilRemove and inspect impeller Clean out water strainer.Engine hours: 246.2   Travis recommended I clean up and re-paint the steel engine mounts which are rusting.
    Posted 23 Dec 2018, 09:18 by Geoff Head
  • New GNSS Receiver, GPS Repeater and NMEA2WIFI - Aug 2018 Complete upgrade of NMEA system with:New GNSS Receiver: TOPGNSS Model GN2000R- External satellite receiver receives GPS (USA), GLONASS (Russia), Galileo (Europe) and BeiDou (China). Ordered from AliexpressNew NMEA2WIFI Multiplexer and Wifo Access Point. Ordered from Vela-NavegaNew Clipper GPS Repeater from NASA Marine Instruments.Rewire data cabling.  
    Posted 2 Feb 2019, 20:25 by Geoff Head
  • New Antifoul and Repair Stuffing Box - May 2018 18th May - Motored Halo with Murray round to Evans Bay Slipway. Loaded on to quick slip and water blasted the hull and then boat taken into position on the hard for painting etc.Purchased the antifoul paint from Bartons: 4 lt. International Ultra 2 White, 1 lt International Ultra 2 Black, and 1 lt. International Primocon Primer Grey.Sven and Peter agreed to do the paint work.Travis from TS Marine repaired the stripped thread on one of the bolts on the Stuffing Box and replaced the packing.Removed the Mainsail Cover and took to John Worth at City Sea Canvas Ltd to re-sew the zip.Re-fitted and sealed the bolts holding the boarding ladder. 26th May - Motored ...
    Posted 11 Jun 2018, 00:08 by Geoff Head
  • New Fuel Pump - 2 May 2018 Replaced faulty Facet fuel pump with a new FUELFLOW 015 pump, manufactured in New Zealand. replaced wiring and connector blocks with waterproof crimps. Have kept the second-hand Facet pump purchased in Picton as a spare part:
    Posted 1 May 2018, 23:38 by Geoff Head
  • Nanni Engine Yearly Maintenance - Nov 2017 Travis from TS Marine came down and carried out the yearly Nanni engine inspection and service as per check sheet below. Included replacement of Engine oil, Racor filter, Fuel filter, Oil filter and Nanni engine anode.After the service we checked the engine one last time and found it wouldn't start. In fact the control panel was totally dead. Travis eventually traced the problem to a broken electrical plug between the engine and the control panel which he had bumped. It was corroded due to salt water ingress and one of the pins was broken. This must have happened when we had our exhaust pipe leak and salt water got everywhere. Travis replaced them both with Deutsch Waterproof 8 ...
    Posted 11 Jun 2018, 00:06 by Geoff Head
  • Cat 3 Certification - Sept 2017 As a requirement for the Wineworks Cook Strait Race we need to obtain Category 3 Certification. As Halo had been previously been Cat 1 certified by previous owner for Round North island Race in 2010, I wasn't anticipating too much difficulty.  However after reading the 157 pages of the YNZ Safety regulations (PDF attached below)  and speaking with the Kim McMorran who does the certifications in Wellington, I realised there were a lot of details to attend to.  Kim agreed to to the inspection on Wednesday 13 and would need boat on the hard to inspect hull, rudder, etc.  I made up this to do list:New Grab bag2 x Cyalume light sticksLife buoys each with ...
    Posted 6 Dec 2017, 21:22 by Geoff Head
  • Quickslip - June 2017 Crew: Peter, Paul, Geoff Motored Halo round to Evans Bay Quickslip for hull inspection, clean, and zinc anode replacement.  Gave the hull a wash with soft brush. Removed the Speed Log Paddle Wheel unit and cleaned inside the shaft where the big algae was growing. Explains why it wasn't working even though the wheel itself had been cleaned from inside. Cleaned the prop and shaft with steelo pad and replaced the 1" zinc anode.    Sven considered that anti-foul still had plenty of life in it and will be good for another 6 months or so. BEFORE:      AFTER:           
    Posted 18 Sep 2018, 15:53 by Geoff Head
  • Replace LPG Gas Solenoid, Regulator, Gas Sensor - April 2017 Contracted Cam at  Southern Plumbing & Gasfitting to replace the LPG Gas Solenoid and Regulator.  I purchased the BEP 12V LPG Solenoid Shut Off from Barton's. Southern Plumbing supplied the vented LPG regulator - not the standard BBQ regulator. I later removed the old LPG Switch and replaced with a new BEP Gas Detector with Control together with a Remote Sensor which was fitted just below the stove in the galley.   
    Posted 10 Aug 2017, 01:52 by Geoff Head
  • House Battery Amps Monitoring - March 2017 Wired in two Blue Sea Systems Mini OLED Ammeters into the control panel and the supplied shunts wired into negative circuit of each of the House 1 and House 2 batteries.  Updated Electrical Diagram in Specs. 
    Posted 10 Apr 2017, 23:33 by Geoff Head
  • Added 100A Circuit Breaker on House 1 - Feb 2017 Added 100A circuit breaker to House 1 battery to provide additional protection. Previously the Capstan Winch was connected direct to the battery with no short circuit protection.Also updated Halo Electrical Diagram (attached to Specifications page). 
    Posted 10 Apr 2017, 23:30 by Geoff Head
  • Isotherm Fridge Thermostat Replacement - Jan 2017 Finally got to the the bottom of the Isotherm fridge not regulating properly! Discovered, with the help of the Sean from Fridgetech that the thermostat was the wrong type, The previous owner must have replaced it at some stage with a model with sensor which needs to be touching the refrigeration plates. It should have a model which just measures air temperature. They quickly sent me the right one which I installed and the fridge is now working perfectly. The fridge now sits at a steady temperature of +5°C and doesn't freeze all the contents. Power usage is much reduced as well. We're happy chappies!Isotherm 41L Specification:  * Power consumption 270W/24h in operation with ...
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 15:40 by Geoff Head
  • New VHF Radio - Dec 2016 Purchased and installed replacement VHF radio purchased from Burnsco. Connected 12V Power, Data from GPS, and External speaker and Programmed in the MMSI number.Called Maritime Radio for signal test and they reported excellent signal!UNIDEN UM380 Solara White - 8 Dec 2016
    Posted 12 Jan 2017, 16:21 by Geoff Head
  • Annual Nanni Service Dec 2016 Second Nanni scheduled engine service. Done by Travis of TS Marine Ltd.   Replaced:  Oil filter, Fuel filter, Racor filter, Engine oil. 
    Posted 12 Dec 2016, 17:47 by Geoff Head
  • Up the Mast Using the new Mast Mate ladder system, was able to easily climb up the mast and:1. Replaced spreader light bulb (10w halogen - couldn't find LED version)2. Installed new flag rope for flying club pennants.Only issue was that when hoisting the ladder, the steps tended to get caught in the stays which meet the spreader. Resolved by floding down the top spes with rubber bands and also by using the lazy jacks to flick them free.
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 15:42 by Geoff Head
  • Winches Service Nov 2016 Contracted Kim McMorran to service the two main Harken 40 Self-Tailing 2-speed Radial Winches.  
    Posted 30 Nov 2016, 17:37 by Geoff Head
  • Replace Zinc Anode and Test Hull Potential - Oct 2016 13 Oct 2016 - Contracted Underwater Services to check/replace shaft anode. Their report was:  "We have changed the anode on Halo. There was still life in the old anode but it was loose on the shaft and it couldn't be tightened."I then measured the Hull Potential from the prop shaft (inside the engine room) using the new silver reference electrode. -970 mV which is within the recommended range according to :  Fiberglass w/ Inboard Engine(s):   -750 to -1000 mVUpdate April 2017 - Measured  -870 mVThe same test from the Engine Block gave reading of -340 mV.  According to Bob Olsen of"Since your ...
    Posted 10 Dec 2017, 01:59 by Geoff Head
  • Install Raymarine AutoPilot - Sept 2016 Installed new Raymarine ST-2000+ Autopilot.  Purchased from Barton Marine. 3 year warranty. Installed new wiring for power and data NMEA 0183 connected to the output of the Navman Wind instrument. All works well so far. Did sea trials and calibration on 24 September 2016  
    Posted 18 Dec 2017, 21:59 by Geoff Head
  • Install AIS Receiver Installed dAISy AIS Receiver connected to the spare (stern) VHF antenna with mini-USB cable wired round to the laptop on the chart table.    Tracked the Interislander and Bluebridge ferries coming into berth on OpenCPN from reception at Chaffers marina. Worked a treat! 
    Posted 15 Aug 2017, 03:08 by Geoff Head
  • Install In-Hull Transducer for Depth Sounder - Aug 2016  Installed the In-Hull Transducer kit for NASA Clipper Duet Depth Sounder
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 18:12 by Geoff Head
  • New Jabsco Toilet - July 2016 Purchased the new Jabsco Manual Toilet plus new inlet and outlet hoses from Bartons Marine on 27 July. Had a few challenges getting the new hoses installed and watertight but after helpful advice (and a new 38mm to 25mm step down tube) from Mike at Bartons it all went in perfectly. All works very well.  
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 15:59 by Geoff Head
  • New Antifoul July 2016 Sanded and re-painted antifoul paint on the hull. Used 1 x International Ultra 4L White mixed with some 1 x Ultra 2 Black to make the grey colour.Also contracted Peter Delany to repair and spray-paint the bow nose and the stern, especially where the old exhaust hole had been plugged up. Also removed the word "Nelson" from the stern and repainted.Found an issue with the rudder that it was leaking water. We removed the rudder and contracted Scott Barker to repair. He took it away to his workshop to dry water out, re-fill, re-seal the cracks in the top where the water was getting in, and re-paint.Also discovered that the new propellor ...
    Posted 10 Dec 2017, 02:03 by Geoff Head
  • New Circuit Breaker Switch Panels June 2016 Removed the old original fused switch panels and replaced with new BEP circuit breaker panels purchased from Bartons Marine. 12-way (BEP 902NMH) and 4-way (BEP 900DC). Re terminated all dodgy cable ends with new crimp lugs. Included a small switch beside the 12-way panel to switch on the green back lighting for nighttime use. Updated electrical wiring diagram on Visio. See Specs page.   Also installed new instruments switch in the cockpit as well as an external speaker for the VHF Radio purchased from 360 Marine Systems, agents for NASA.
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 18:11 by Geoff Head
  • Solar Panel Install - 23 March 2016 Ordered the 90W model SN-H90W-12 solar panel and and NI- TRACER 1215BN MPPT 10A PT Controller from Enertec Marine: www.enertecmarinesystems.comEasy to install and works well.  Updated electrical wiring diagram on Visio. See Specs page.
    Posted 21 May 2018, 13:50 by Geoff Head
  • Rigging Survey & Repairs - 5 Feb 2016 Rigging survey performed by Matt Perry of Hurricane Rigging on 5 Feb 2016  (see attachment):1-Forestay turnbuckle lower end 2-Gooseneck damage 3-Masthead view 4-Cap shroud attachment 5-Masthead view 2    Completed work:Gooseneck repair    New Genoa 2 Halyard  Repaired forestay turnbuckle
    Posted 27 Feb 2017, 18:30 by Geoff Head
  • Replace life lines (Hurricane Rigging) - 27 Jan 2016 Got the broken stanchion welded at Metalworx Engineering (04-384 5113) I. After replacing the stanchion I cleaned all the stainless steel pushpit, pulpit and stanchions with Grunt Emergel so they looked like new.Then contracted Hurricane Rigging to replace all the life lines with new 4mm steel cables and a plastic covers on the top one.They did an excellent job.  
    Posted 15 May 2016, 20:35 by Geoff Head
  • Anchor Chain-Rope Splice - Jan 2016 To resolve the problem of the big shackle getting stuck in the bow roller when dropping (and weighing) the anchor I removed the big shackle and spliced the rope directly onto the chain.  First time doing this so need to monitor how well it works in practice.
    Posted 23 Aug 2016, 19:56 by Geoff Head
  • Repairs: Dinghy, Tiller, Air Vent, Head Upgrade, New galley Pump Located and patched up three, no,  four holes in dinghy with new repair kit. New pump v. good!Replaced 3/8"  tiller bolt with new one.Replaced broken cabin air vent with new one.Installed new galley fresh water pumpUpgrade to "Head" with soap dispenser, paper dispenser and splash panel.
    Posted 16 May 2016, 03:16 by Geoff Head
  • Speed Log Thru-Hull Paddlewheel Took the Clipper Duet speed log thru-hull paddlewheel out of the hull this morning. Exciting when all the water starts rushing In! It was pretty grubby with algae and mussel shells considering Dean Fraser Underwater inspection cleaned it just over a month ago.Hopefully will be good for a while now. We'll see.PD - The speed log is now working! Only issue is that it seems to consistently read 1-2 kts slower that the SOG as measured by GPS.PD2 - Have adjusted speed calibration and it now seems to be working perfectly. 
    Posted 26 Jan 2016, 14:15 by Geoff Head
  • Repair Mainsail Cover - 15 Dec 2015 On Brent's recommendation I contacted John Rosemergy 021 571 281 to repair the mainsail cover (zip coming unstitched) and to make a bag for the dinghy.  Te get the sail cover off we had to remove the mainsail from the boom as well as the reefing lines, etc.To reassemble the mainsail Grant came down to give me a very welcome hand. Eventually got the cover rigged with the 'lazy jacks' etc and then the first and second reefing lines, outhaul and cunningham.  We tested the reefing thoroughly while in the dock and tidied up the system. Was great for me to clarify in my mind how they worked. Many thanks Grant for your help.Of course we ...
    Posted 15 May 2016, 20:36 by Geoff Head
  • New Chronometer - 2 Dec 2015 Polished up the old Barometer with Brasso and added a new Royal Mariner Chronometer which also shows tides.A nice pair!
    Posted 15 May 2016, 20:36 by Geoff Head
  • Re-paint Hull Interior and New Squab Covers - Nov 2015 On the recommendation of Travis I contacted Steve at Resene 0274474821 who advised the following paint to be used on the interior exposed parts of the fibreglass hull:Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer - 1 coatResene Enamel Undercoat - 1 coatResene Lusta-Glo semi-gloss enamel white paint - 2 coatsAll completed (big job!) and looking very nice IMHO!Also installed the re-upholstered squabs. Upholstery done by Mikhail's Upholstery.     
    Posted 14 Jul 2016, 15:35 by Geoff Head
  • Underwater Clean and Check of Hull- Nov 2015 On the recommendation of Louis (neighbour at Chaffers) I contacted Dean Fraser (021-437 732) to do an underwater clean and check of the hull rather than hauling the boat out of the water. The diver, Murray, spent almost an hour in the water and completed:1. Installed a new 1" zinc sacrificial anode on the propeller shaft. The previous one was gone and Murray noted a small amount of corrosion on the prop as a result of this.2. Cleared all the seawater intakes of moss and shellfish.3. Cut off the fishing line which had caught around the prop.4. Cleared mussel from the speedo transducer and checked it is spinning OK.5. Checked the small hull crack ...
    Posted 15 May 2016, 20:38 by Geoff Head
  • Bosun's Chair Up The Mast to Replace Spinnaker Shackle- Oct 2015 Geoff, Peter and Nigel met up Saturday morning to repair the broken spinnaker shackle which involved hoisting one of us up to the top of the mast in the bosun's chair.  First tried hoisting up Geoff. Used the Main halyard on the bosun's chair and the Genoa halyard as a safety line on the harness. Peter and Nigel found it too difficult to hoist Geoff up. Then we tried hoisting Nigel up (70 kg vs 83 kg) and together with  Nigel helping with self hauling managed to get him up to the top.Found that the shackle had broken off completely. Bought a replacement at Bartons and Nigel went up again and all fixed.Many thanks to Nigel ...
    Posted 15 May 2016, 20:39 by Geoff Head
  • Wash Decks and Test Dinghy Gave the decks a good scrub with water and Sugar Soap with Sam's help!  We also inflated the dinghy. Quite quick to inflate but after floating it off the stern of the boat for an hour noticed the air pressure had diminished somewhat. Will need to check where the leak is and patch. 
    Posted 15 May 2016, 15:00 by Geoff Head
  • New Stereo and Cockpit Speakers - Oct 2015 Installed new radio 1 x Fusion 6in 200w 2-Way Speakers (pair)1 x Fusion MS-RA205 True Marine Stereo with USB and VHF Receiver1 x Fusion MS-NRX200i NMEA 2000 Remote ControlAlso added a USB outlet on the panel to play music from smartphones and pen drives as well as charging. 
    Posted 19 Sep 2016, 18:26 by Geoff Head
  • Electrical Wiring - 20 Sept 2015 Wired up the new batteries and repaired some of the old wiring.Installed new Ctek charger adaptor on main panel connected directly to Start Battery.See Specs Page for updated Electrical wiring chart.
    Posted 12 Sep 2016, 23:03 by Geoff Head
  • New Batteries 17 Sept 2015 Did measurement of the power consumption of all devices on the boat: 3 new batteries from TS Marine:2 x Deep Cycle House battery - Hella Endurant Cyclemaster MDC31/130 - Flooded Lead Acid 125 A/Hrs each , 24 month warranty.1 x Cranking Start battery. Hella Endurant Boatmaster MMF27/780 - CCA 780, MCA 910 Maintenance Free , 24 month warranty.Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is the maximum load the battery can handle at 0 degrees F for 30 seconds without falling below 7.2 volts. Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) is the same test conducted at 32 degrees F and is usually somewhere around 125% the CCA rating.Travis gave best price ...
    Posted 11 Sep 2016, 14:57 by Geoff Head
  • Engine Service 9Sept 2015 First Nanni scheduled engine service. Done by Travis of TS Marine Ltd.   Replaced:  Oil filter, Fuel filter, Engine oil, Replace faulty grease nipple for prop stuffing box.  
    Posted 1 Sep 2016, 03:36 by Geoff Head
  • New Control Panel Cover Installed The original wooden box made by Kim fell apart on the first outing, so I tracked down and ordered a perspex model from USA: much better. Hope it lasts longer!
    Posted 6 Aug 2015, 21:19 by Geoff Head
  • 2 Mar 2015 - Relaunch of Halo Relaunched Halo with engineer Travis Stoddart, completed sea trials and Nanni engine commissioning, and motored Halo back to berth at Chaffers Marina. Other work completed while in dry dock:Removed old (dead) Humminbird chart plotter.Installed new Nanni A4 engine control panel in hole left by Humminbird.Removed old Navman Speed Gauge and thru-hull transducer.Replaced with new Clipper Duet Speed/Log Depth Sounder.Installed new LED cabin lights and light in engine room.Re-wired electrical control panel.Exhaust pipe outlet on stern of boat had to be re-positioned 15cm higher than waterline.Pending work for completion:Old exhaust hole in stern to be sanded and painted (Kim)Replace exhaust cover (Kim)Welding to repair hairline leak ...
    Posted 10 Dec 2017, 01:55 by Geoff Head
  • 18 Feb 2015 - New Engine Install Our new Nanni 21 HP Engine!      
    Posted 4 May 2019, 04:04 by Geoff Head
  • Winch Service 26 Dec 2014 Winds too strong today so decided against sailing. Had sandwiches and cup of tea on board.Fixed the starboard small winch by disassembling, cleaning and reassembling. Working great now.
    Posted 1 Sep 2016, 03:25 by Geoff Head
  • New Antifoul and Prop Replacement - August 2014 Kim McMorran -  Mobile (0274) 415 863 Quote: July 2014 Motor yacht to Evans Bay Slip. To waterblast antifouling. To remove rudder and prop shaft plus strud. To wet and dry antifouling and prime up areas if needed. To antifoul / two coats. To fit back strut shaft plus new prop and new anode. To prop gold shaft and new prop. Update 1 sept 2014: The status of work on your yacht is the Antifoul has been sanded back and ready for its new coats. The prop and strut are out and in Auckland and the new ones are under way. The shaft took an bit to get out as the coupling was rusted up on the shaft. The lead keel was ...
    Posted 18 Sep 2018, 16:14 by Geoff Head
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