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Evans Bay Quickslip and Back to Chaffers 12-14 Sept 2017

posted 14 Sep 2017, 22:33 by Geoff Head   [ updated 22 Oct 2019, 17:21 by Geoff Head ]
Crew: Geoff

Delivery of Halo to Evans Bay slipway to complete Cat 3 Certification test by Kim McMorran as well as hull washdown and zinc anode replacement.

Tuesday - Chaffers Marina to Evans Bay
Forecast: 10 knots northwest
Calm conditions for single-handed motoring from Chaffers to Evans Bay. Only difficulty was when leaving marina berth the boat veered to the right once I had released the mooring lines. Too late to correct so continued to motor out backwards from the marina. Was reminded that previous owner commented that he always went out backwards.

Thursday - Evans Bay to Chaffers Marina
Forecast: Northwest 25 knots gusting 35 knots but 30 knots gusting 40 knots about the south coast this afternoon. Sea becoming rough this afternoon.Mainly fine.
Not so calm. After leaving the Evans Bay at 1030 hrs and getting into the harbour the wind quickly picked up to around 23 knots with rough seas. Got pretty wet! Discovered that the dinghy wasn't very well secured and started lifting in the wind. Need to be more carefull with this for our next Cook Strait crossing.

I wasn't keen to dock Halo single-handed in wind gusting to 25 kts in the marina so tied up at the visitor berth on the end of Pier B at 1133 hrs and got the marina manager Ken, as well as Graciela to help me with mooring lines on arrival in our berth.