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8 Mar 2015 - Somes Island

posted 7 Mar 2015, 11:32 by Geoff Head   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 11:10 ]
Marine forecast: Northerly 10 knots rising to 20 knots for a time this morning. Changing southerly 15 knots this afternoon, then easing to 10 knots this evening. Southeast becoming moderate for a time this morning. Fine spells.

Excellent afternoon's sailing with crew: Peter and Caroline, Eduardo and Sandra, Graciela and Geoff.

Used No1 Genoa and Mainsail out to Matiu/Somes Island in light northerly breeze where we put down the anchor and had afternoon tea. Geoff had a swim and checked out why the new Clipper Duet speedo wasn't working. Moved the paddle-wheel around on the thru-hull transducer and after that it worked. Must have been clogged with some debris.

The wind then turned to west and then strong southerly for our trip back so we tried out the small Storm Jib and put a reef in the Mainsail. Exciting trip home beating upwind back to Wellington making about 4.2 knots according to the new speedo.

The new motor performed faultlessly except than when we were coming into the marina, the gear leaver lost control of the engine when I tried to put it into reverse. A bit tricky getting in into the jetty but with all hands helping we did it without mishap.

Post script: Have now checked the controller and found the accelerator cable was actually broken. Have contracted TS Marine to replace both cables as well as the the cockpit controller just to be on the safe side.